Let's find your shades!

The best way to get you matched with your perfect shade is to start with a selfie. Be sure to take it in natural light, facing a window, and without makeup if possible!

UPLOAD THAT SELFIE! Color matching virtually is one thing. Color matching cream makeup is another. Color matching the two together is impossible without the right photo. If you follow the instructions below you should have no problem capturing it.

FACE A WINDOW, natural light is best!!

Avoid harsh lighting.  Avoid overhead lighting.

Limit shadows and make sure you are MAKEUP FREE and EYEGLASSES FREE !

Include your neck and chest.

OUTDOOR and CAR Selfies are not good for color match purpose.

If I can't color match the photo you send, I will reach out for a new one!

SEINT artist program is so fun AND rewarding!

Questions or Comments?

I'll get your color match to you as soon as possible, most likely within 2-3 days. When your shade match arrives, I'll also include an exclusive link you can use to shop, which will ensure you get free shipping with an order $50 and a compact credit with your order! Don't forget that Seint has an excellent 30-day guarantee.

I'm so excited to get started on your match! Please do not hesitate to text me, direct message me, or even call me at this number: 760-334-6060. Thank you for choosing me as your SEINT artist.

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XO, Jewel Verret